Monday, October 15, 2012

Patricia Chang.

Spring/Summer 2013

And because we were only just introduced I felt the need to go back down memory lane to where Chang just began...

Autumn/Winter 2012

Patricia Chang's latest collection is based within a world where
'robots go bleep boop quackle and girls just want to have fun' (her words not mine)
which is not usually my thing but really who could resist a bit of bleep boop quackling, especially when it's dressed in embroidered & appliqued swirls & crazy hemline jackets?


Marta said...

Amazing collections!
Your blog is so nice!

Little Girl Lost said...

thank you marta :)

LPFashionPhilosophy said...

So pretty!

ox from NYC!


Ramona said...

You have gave a Patricia Chang much love on your blog as well. Thats great! :)
she is amazing!

xoxo Ra

Stephanie Callahan said...

what a cutie!