Monday, April 22, 2013

Twin Peaks

I just want to fall into you.
A land of huckleberry pie, cherry pie, every pie,
a friendly diner,
Donna, Laura, Shelly & Audrey
sweater sets, low heeled pumps, matt lipstick lips,
Agent Dale Cooper,
& some freaky occurances.

The scream

One of my favourite shoots from Russh.

Rest in peace Dual Kim.

Night Cap.

So I'm a little late off the mark, but things have been crazy busy. 
In between textile workshops, a mountain of assessments, 
market stall attempts (damn rain!) 
& my first styling shoot (more on that to come) 
I'm all like MBFWA? Say wha? I have a blog? Say whaaa?

A little bit of flannel waist tied action,
a little bit of denim,
a splash of yellow & red,
& a long, loose silhouette
is the perfect night cap.

Messy Hair & Thirsty Hearts.

Perfectly me.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wandering Food Memories.II.

Today is one of those days where the weather calls for one to be bundled up, 
all toasty & warm, with a full belly to boot.
Decadent & rich, leaving nothing to be desired.
And with my sister in Paris right now, re-visiting La Duree & Angelina Tea Salon, 
and seeing as I can't be there with her drinking thick hot chocolates, gorging on cakes, and cutting into oozy cheese omlettes, 
I'll take a trip down memory lane instead, Paris style.

Supersize me.

Hey there Ashley,
feel like sharing?

I'm pretty sure I could give 
that coat a loving home.

And here continues my oversized coat obsession...


A little Saturday morning dye job.
Chamomile flowers & red onion skins & black tea 
Rosehip, brown onion, & red petals,
Silks, nettle, cotton, linen & bamboo.
All bundled together over a fire,
steaming away.