Friday, August 31, 2012


The first of the Spain snaps up. These babies were from a while back, June to be exact. I was waiting on getting my little baby laptop back from being fixed because I had already sorted and stored them there, but alas I don't think it will be returning home anytime soon.

Here we have,
Valencia (*LOVED!* the most intriguing, fun, friendly, colourful town. A kind of wonderful, magical party party party lingering in the air at all times, and a warmth throughout the place - the people and the weather.) 
and Palma de Mallorca.

Palma beach, Park Guell tiles, 
Valencia paella, 
vintage store finds in a back street in Valencia
(we literally turned around a corner and hit vintage store heaven!),
Valencia food markets,
including snails,
the most amazing squid I've ever had from a cafe in Barcelona,
(a local nutty yet milky like drink - love it or hate it kinda thing).

Food & clothing store tips to come.

(Of) (For) The Desert(ed)

(Of) (For) The Desert(ed) is a work I made last year for a textiles elective.
It is dedicated to those 
who continue to wander and wonder.
Drawing on dust, dirt and rust,
roadside motels,
Zabriskie Point and R.H.C.P's Californication,
my dream of a cross-the-heartlands-of-America roadtrip , 
and above all
the desert, and the deserted.

Made from rust, onion, black tea, coffee, rosehip tea, eucalyptus and berry dyed silk and cotton, with hand and machine stitch, 
and jute twine. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012