Monday, October 15, 2012

On the Road (again).

Grandma's leather notebook clutch, op shop denim, Topshop wet look jeans, vintage boots.

Went to see On the Road on the weekend.

Home in Missoula,
Home in Truckee,
Home in Opelousas,
Ain't no home for me.
Home in old Medora,
Home in Wounded Knee,
Home in Ogallala,
Home I'll never be.

                                    - Jack Kerouac, On the Road. 

For the love of the unknown.


danielle p. said...

i'm dying to see that movie, but can't find it in a theater near me. how was it? was it as good as the book?

Little Girl Lost said...

well it depends on who you ask! i went with friends who hadn't read or heard of the book so they went in not knowing how slow the book can be at times & weren't really fans of the movie. i loved the movie if not just purely for the amazing scenery & how the whole thing looked. but the story line is still slow & a bit confusing at times, so i guess it stays true to the book! fingers crossed you find a cinema :) !