Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Land of Wunderings

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Dinner time. Lavishes & Lashings.

Altazurra//Chloe//Cavalli//Giambatissta Valli//
Isabel Marrant//Pucci//Rochas//
Isabel Marant//Rodarte//Thakoon//
Isabel Marant//Prabal Gurung//Isabel Marant

All courtesy of self service.

Needing to shake things up on a late night.
Heavy on the decadence,
another serving on the prints,
full to the brim with colour,
with another dash of embroidery
and a splash of studs.

Now I'm full on lavishes & lashings it's time for bed.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Story of the Little Girl Who Could Capture.

This is the reason for my tad MIA-ness as of late.
My latest textile work was based within the idea of discovering hidden treasures amongst the rubble, 
and the stories that can be found within objects and surfaces, 
the histories that they hold.

More shots to come.

Happy Birthday KK.

Photos one to four// KK by me.
Photos five to seven// me by KK.

Celebrate a best mates birthday in her typical style.
Think midnight backstreet photo whoring,
gold sequin skirts with a cut Adidas tee,
necklace upon necklace upon necklace 
plus some arm armor
and a bindi.

I'm in an outfit mainly made from inherited goods & preworns.
Skirt by me from an aunt's left over lace from her ballet costume design days, a ring passed along by another aunt,
leather clutch inherited from my nan, op shop find shoes, 
& Zara top (with an awesome open back! shame it can't be seen in these pics - next time!)

All after an awesome dinner at Essenza.

Happy birthday KK, to one of my nearest and dearest.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


And so the photos from my Europe trip are still slowly ebbing their way online, which of course is only making me want to run back there faster than ever.

Snaps from our (very) short stay in Mykonos & Santorini. 
Next time I promise it will be more than three days.
Sunsets in Oia, Sunsets in Mykonos,
food food food,
finding an almost century year old tavern on the sea side
cooking home made meals,
the trek to Red Beach,
a necklace found in Italy 
(more Italy to come soon!)
sun dried tomatoes being sold by the roadside.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Patricia Chang.

Spring/Summer 2013

And because we were only just introduced I felt the need to go back down memory lane to where Chang just began...

Autumn/Winter 2012

Patricia Chang's latest collection is based within a world where
'robots go bleep boop quackle and girls just want to have fun' (her words not mine)
which is not usually my thing but really who could resist a bit of bleep boop quackling, especially when it's dressed in embroidered & appliqued swirls & crazy hemline jackets?