Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wandering On Elsewhere - Bye For Now (but you can visit me here...)

This blog began as a journal of my time spent living & studying overseas on exchange, and then turned into a kind of living shrine for all the memories I had made in Europe.

Now, having been back for a little over a year & bogged down in my final semester of uni, 
I feel that this blog has served it's purpose. 

For now anyway, until the next big journey (hopefully coming soon, early next year).

While I will still occasionally post here,
I invite you to visit me on my artist's tumblr 
as I post and find my way through my 
Textile Art undergrad degree 
& all that comes after for my artsy career,
or my personal tumblr
where I still remain as lost & wandering as ever, 
dreaming of all the places I want to escape to
& the clothing I would wear.

Links to my other sites can be found in the right hand column for all my techno-challenged friends & family :)

So for now, it is not farewell,
but hopefully see you soon...