Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wandering Food Memories.I.

Since returning from my brief stint as an Australian student in the Netherlands it has become a favourite past time of mine to sit here trawling through my posts from overseas.

It was a time of many firsts, my first blog posts, my first tastes of Europe, my first time living out of home.

And it was a time of complete freedom, freedom of no boundaries, no borders. Feeling like a trip to London next weekend? Sure thing, sister! It's only a few hours away by train!

To celebrate and commiserate I'll be reliving my time overseas through all the food I've consumed along the way. A little bit of Europe that will be with me always. Well, almost.

From a beach side Italian restaurant with mama & papa in the kitchen & the son at the tables, to one of my first breakfasts in my student dorm in the Maastriicht, the Netherlands (market bought fresh bread & huge eggs), to a London pub grub lunch of burgers, house made relish & crumbed gherkins. 

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