Sunday, November 18, 2012

Revolver Cafe.

Need somewhere cosy to have brunch? Give a Revolver Cafe go.
From the food to the decor to the Revolver photo album the cafe is oozing with stories of the past. It's kind of like going to visit your really cool Nan. She's got her so retro its hip decor (check out the light fittings and the fabric on the booth seats)and she will insist you listen to the stories captured in the walls of her house and flip through her photo albums, all while serving you a cosy, rustic, colourful meal.

We had their Revolver Big Breakies (two vege and one meat) - baked eggs and housemade beans served in that rustic, home cooked style of the wrought iron pan and wooden chopping board. 
And don't forget to ask for the Revolver Cafe photo album to complete the homely feel!


Anthea Lau said...

I love the rustic feeling to these food pics - full of charm :)

taylah said...

oh my god that looks so good! i'm hungry now haha.
looks like an amazing hang out!
taylah x

Little Girl Lost said...

it is definitely a place you should both check out :) and anthea spot on - everything about the place and the food is rich with charm.