Thursday, November 29, 2012

Miracle on 34th Street.

I'll admit I haven't seen the original. But there is still so much to fall in love with in the remake. Dylan McDermont's huge, thick cable knit turtleneck sweaters. Elizabeth Perkin's delicate jewellery. Mara Wilson's sweater sets, plaid head bands, ribbon trim peter pan collars, coloured or lace trimed bobby socks, all elements somehow fitting in like a puzzle piece with their matching colours or plaid pattern - socks, cardigans, coats, headbands, ribbons, pinafore dresses, bows, hats. This is what it should mean to dress like a kid.  While there is definitely nothing like the buzz of an Australian Christmas (that crackling heat, the song of the cicadas, the lingering excitement in the air) I can't help but get caught up in the traditional Christmas tales of snow and sleighs, fireplaces and eggnog.

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Kristy W said...

Matilda is such a great movie!