Saturday, November 3, 2012

Angus Stone.

Enmore Theatre//Ramona//Angus Stone//Me//Enmore Theatre
What better way to kick start the Summer break and say goodbye to uni for the year than seeing Angus Stone perform his 
chilled-outness on a hot Spring day (FINALLY!)with an amazing friend. 

She went for her floating floral maxi, and I thought last season's Stylestalker blouse, denim cutoffs, crochet bag and fingers littered with rings suited.

Also thrown into the mix was the crazy Steve Smyth 
in all his bearded goodness.

So that's one thing ticked off the summer wish list. 
And now to work on to the road trip dream...


StyleNonsense said...

Thanks For Your Lovely Comment, Hope To See You Again!

Tesa said...

nice post!

Joseph Dang said...

I wish I went to the concert! so disappointing i missed out :( Love them so much :(

Anonymous said...

i love your blog!