Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Birthday KK.

Photos one to four// KK by me.
Photos five to seven// me by KK.

Celebrate a best mates birthday in her typical style.
Think midnight backstreet photo whoring,
gold sequin skirts with a cut Adidas tee,
necklace upon necklace upon necklace 
plus some arm armor
and a bindi.

I'm in an outfit mainly made from inherited goods & preworns.
Skirt by me from an aunt's left over lace from her ballet costume design days, a ring passed along by another aunt,
leather clutch inherited from my nan, op shop find shoes, 
& Zara top (with an awesome open back! shame it can't be seen in these pics - next time!)

All after an awesome dinner at Essenza.

Happy birthday KK, to one of my nearest and dearest.

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Anonymous said...

I like the way you look, i also like the way you talk with the reader as opposed at them like, i wore this blah blah blah blah . P.S your assignment is a killler kid!!!!!!