Saturday, August 4, 2012


 After six months of being away I have returned to the nest. 
I had five amazing months of exchange (whether you're in highschool or university DO IT) and a month of travel around Europe with a close mate from home. But now I'm back, which leaves the question of where this blog stands - it began as a way for me to remember my time on exchange, to capture all those fleeting moments and bottle them up in online posts, and give everyone back home an insight into  my life away from them. It was also a way to anchor myself in this huge world without feeling too lost among it all. However now that I am home it begs the question of if this blog is still relevant, and where it should now take me (and you).

Home is a funny concept. Home is familiar and home is safe, but home is also somewhere that I can still get lost in and wrapt up in.

There are still many more posts to come with pictures from my last month of travel, but alas technology hates me and I am waiting for the return of my hard drive on which all my travel photos are saved so stay tuned for those.

Until then I guess I'm still living in the land of the lost, finding my way back home, reconnecting and recharging, and dragging y'all along the way.

A few snaps from the nest. 
The sun setting on my street, welcome home cheesymite scrolls baked by a friend, grandma's pill box and Prague mirror given to me as a pressie from an exchange friend, the Australian sky, 
my jewellery chest passed on from Mum's mum, Mum's old book collection, a painting by my Aunt, welcome home flowers, grandma's handbags.

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